We went to Vegas with NxStage

For anyone who doubts that the NxStage machine is portable…my two sons and I spent Thanksgiving weekend in Vegas and it traveled very well. There are a LOT of supplies to take, and we have decided to get two large suitcases to carry everything. (We looked kind of funny with boxes of dialysate, etc. on the luggage cart!) We traveled by car this time, but I am also anxious to use any kind of carrying case which NxStage might provide for future plane flights. We hooked up the machine in the hotel room, I watched a good movie and it worked great.

I also want to let you know that we had a minor technical problem (the saline got too cold riding which interfered in priming completion). NxStage provides an “800” number which is manned 24/7. I had a tech on the line in minutes and the problem was solved.

No more trips planned months in advance…I can just load up the car and go!!

Do you know if NxStage will ship the supplies for you? How many runs did you do?

Wow Pattie, thanks for sharing your story…I do hope that maybe in the near future NxStage makes traveling cases…one for the machine and maybe another for the dialysate and supplies…I think there’s alternatives though…like those road cases musicians use…with wheels even better!!..muhahaha…