Welcome to the HD Forum for Patients

Welcome to the HD Forum of Home Dialysis Central! This forum is for patients to share your thoughts, concerns, and/or suggestions about home hemodialysis.

Hi Beth, I co-manage a pkd group on MSN and would like to know if I could share the link to this site with our members? I’ve looked around the site and am very impressed with how things are set up. Kudos! Lin.

Hi Lin!

Sure you can–just use the “add a link” contact box (http://www.homedialysis.org/v1/links/add-a-link.shtml) and suggest that we include it as a link under “Patient Sites and Stories.” Give us a 1-line description, too.

Thanks Dori, I’m certainly going to try, however lately I’m having some MSN problems. However, if I can’t do it will send the info. and link to Bridget our site founder, who is also the PKD.Org chapter rep. for the Syracuse NY area. Again, I’m so pleased with everything about this site, and just can’t wait to share! I’m off to the site right now. Lin.

Tell all your friends! : ) Seriously, we’d love for folks to link to this site, tell others, and order free postcards to get the word out.

Hi Dori, Consider it done! Soon our new unit will put out it’s first newsletter, and of course I will mention that they have a list of favorite web sites included. Many of the pts. don’t use the computer, but too they have family that might so I think this site is definately worth mentioning.

Here is the link to the pkd MSN pkd group I mentioned. Our site is a support site for anyone who has pkd, their friends and family and includes an active chat room. All ages welcome!