What are we doing

Hello everyone tell me what are you doing today on a nice sunday afternoon. I am getting ready to do a bar be que. just want to remind everyone. to enjoy everyday we have here and try not to get down, Iknow thats easy said then done but one thing we should always be thankful for is that we are HOME!!! i HAD TO GO TO THE dialysis center yesterday for one treatment because my aqua box is down it brought back all the bad memories of when I was in center and saw no hope. Had to keep telling my self its just for one day. WE are so blessed to be home so what are you going to do at home today? Lets spread the joy

I just came inside for some shade - it is suppose to get up to 90 today which is crazy hot for Seattle. I’ve already taken my dog to the off leash park on Lake Washington where he can swim. I waded in this morning for the first time this year.

My dog and I play a game where I run in the shallows and he swims after me … it’s the only fair way for us to play chase, I can run just about as fast as he can swim. It’s great exercise but the water is still cold.

One year ago today I started tearing apart my kitchen no way I’m going to do anything that big this year. Right now I need to focus on cleaning and standard upkeep. Plenty to keep me busy in that catagory today.

I’m thinking of getting on dialysis in an hour or so and then going back to the lake this evening …

Today is Sunday 25th and its quite HOT…over 100s…gas prices are high and my two small dogs are bored…am spending time inside where its cool and just work on some game projects over net while visitng this forum every now and then…later this evening will get on dialysis and use a laptop from there. Its very quiet at the moment, house all alone…

Nice idea, Terry and Heather.
It’s Monday down under. The 25th was my our 29th wedding anniversary. We celebrated at our favourite Japanese restaurant up the coast Sat. nite. Sunday we went down the coast to our favourite market at a lovely town called Bangalow where there is any number of amazing stalls selling fresh organic foods, yummy cooked foods and drinks and lots of creative things to buy. All the "hippies’’ come out of the woodwork and the place is full of colour and music. Had a lovely day.
Today, Monday took Nelson (10 year old Ridgeback) for long walk on beach then off to the gym for a sweaty workout. All before 9am Life is good. 8)

Yeah Bill, I saw 35C forecast for Seattle the previous night on BBC World weather & thought it was a bit high for there! Global warming eh??? :smiley:
Down-under it’s winter, of course. But being on the equivalent latitude as Miami, it gets to about 22C (74F) in the day. We’ve had a week or so of much-needed rain. My wife sat on the veranda to enjoy late sunshine, as I set up for my Sunday evening ‘short’ run (7 hours actually, yesterday, as I had quite a bit of fluid on).