What's Your Brand?

One of the things most of us home patients have to do or already have done is weigh before and after each treatment, but now and then you probably have asked yourself…“Is my scale accurate?”…you’d weigh using different scales and non of them show the same numbers or even worse it still shows the same numbers before/after treatment! Here’s a little survey to see what brand scales we use and to find out the better scales out there… :roll:

Gus we may not use the same hemo machine but we’re both Health-o-meter men. Do you like the Health-o-meter? I guess all things being equal I’d prefer a digital readout.

I use a Health-o-Meter…had to go look- waist high kilogram 0-50 kg in half kilo increments. I’d use a digital if I thought it to be accurate, but mechanical scales I tend not to worry about the calibration…'ve moved alot with the Health-o-Meter and never had to adjust it beside zeroing out before I get aboard. Lots of units have poorly calibrated expensive digital scales that also tend to break down or just lie big time and get lots of people in trouble.


Actually, I use the Denise Austin scale made by HealthO’Meter…uses a lithium battery which suppose to last up to 10 years…it costed me only $12. at WalMart …I can say it’s not a perfect scale and I have to weigh a few times just to determine what number I will write down… :frowning:

I’ve done some research on the net and it seems that the Tanita scale is accurate…I also read that scales made for Mail weighing are also accurate…

Perhaps I’d go with a mail weigh scale…har, har ,har… :stuck_out_tongue: