When to stop using a tourniquet

The use of tourniquets’ on AVK fistula are being use even after the AVF has a moderate to large aneurysm formation. In your view when would you not need to use a tourniquet? Do you need a tourniquet for a buttonhole

Dear Stuart

Sorry to be so slow - I have been in the UK and my access has been ‘iffy’.

Can I leave my answer to this till I get home. As I am not the ‘needler’, this is a question I’d like to get Rosie’s input on before answering, as it is a very technique and situation dependent question. As I don’t normally needle, it might be best for me to ensure my facts before I respond by asking my oracle.

I’ll get back to you once I am home from Manchester late next week.

Hi John you never reply to my question can you give ago ?