Where are the nocturnal programs?

There has to be a way to find out where the nocturnal programs are and what machines they are using. Would it be correct to assume that most of the nocturnal programs are in-center through Fresenius? Anyone have any ideas how to find out which clinics offer nocturnal at home and with which machines?

The best existing list of nocturnal programs (300, to date) is in our database. Here’s the search: http://search.homedialysis.org/locate/results.

We do not have the resources to ask each clinic which machine(s) it uses–and clinics may make more than one machine available to dialyzors.

I would not assume that most of the nocturnal clinics are in-center through Fresenius–those 300 clinics are home nocturnal programs, and I’m only aware of about 60 that are in-center. This number may be growing–we haven’t been able to get good data.

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Are you looking for a certain type of machine. Have you try to email the companies. Are you and your Dr on good terms. What happen with me was my Dr came to understand that I was not going to stop till I got what I wanted. If you feel ok put your zip code or the the zip of the nearest city

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