Where are you

hello was just wanting to know where people are located since we are always sharing great info and motivating others, especially the new ones. i am in maine. been on ialysis for 3.5 years. been home for 8 months.

I’ve been on hd in center for almost five yrs. and am awaiting unit I’m in to be certified to offer home hemo with the Nxstage machine. I live in NW NJ about five mins. from the border with NY state. Lin.

Heya there,

I am in the USA, California…been on dialysis over 20 years…been home since November 2004…

I did try home hemodialysis between 1987-1999…used an in-center machine, loud, BIG, …hehe…didn’t last…went back in-center till NxStage arrived… 8)

Upstate section of South Carolina – husband is at 15% function – will be training on NxStage in Atlanta, GA when the time comes as there are no centers w/ NxStage within 100 miles except the one in Atlanta.

Seattle Washington where outpatient hemo diaysis started in 1962. I dialyzed incenter from September 1990 to September 2001. In 2001 I went home on the B Braun Dialog to dialyze more frequently using a helper. In August 2002 I started daily treatments on the Aksys PHD. I’ve been a happy home self dialyzor ever since.

Hello everyone.
I live in Texas ( the greatest nation on earth) :smiley: :lol: in a little town called Alvin. I work in Corpus Christi 4 days a week, so there is a lot of travel. I just started home dialysis on December 12, 2005 with the NxStage machine. I take Gurtrude (my machine) with me both ways and it does very well.

I am in Wellsville, NY a small town in Western NY on the PA border. The closest city to us is about 2hrs away. The dialysis centers in our area are hospital based. Because of the location it is not unusual for patients in our area to drive 1 hr. or more to get to treatment. I consider us to be very lucky in that we can do home treatments even if the center is 5hrs. away.
I actually am not a patient; I handle my fathers treatments.

I live about a hour NW of Chicago, and should be starting training on the Freni this week.


come on people get your location on here. its so amazing the demographics. we are everywhere

I am here in No. California, Danville, to be exact.

at home since 9/04
Fresenius to 3/06
NxStage 3/06 —
Nary a day in center (except a home training clinic)

On the “underside” of the world many, many miles away in a little coastal village called Pottsville Beach just below the Queensland/NSW border, Australia.

When are we having the first home dialystas picnic/race day? I will host it at my house. A few tinnies and some prawns (shrimps?) on the barbie anyone? :lol:

AH…but what about all those yanks without NxStage…you’d have to get them booked in @ your local, Beachy…which is what? Gold Coast? Murwillumbah? :smiley:
It’s O.K. for me - I’m only up the road… 8)

Freni could work 24 hours shifts to fit everyone in. Don’t think hubby or the dog would approve of a passing parade in the bedroom though LOL

Nearest centre for dialysis would be Tweed Heads, but John Flynn does holiday dialysis.

Tried to book some dialysis in Newcastle so I could go and visit my sister who isn’t well. No luck, was told there are no beds/chairs likely to come available. Was told by my nurse who then also rang them that John Hunter (read public hospitals) is in crisis! Great :shock: Makes you wonder after reading all this talk of pandemics how the Aussie health system would manage to service all its home dialysis patients if there is no bed spare for even one occasionally! CRIKEY!!! :o Aren’t we doing the system a big favour by doing it at home.

California is nice and warm here…we got beaches to… :stuck_out_tongue: …but what I really like about Australia is cow country…out in the desert where its dry… where cattle roam…where horses enjoy freedom…

P.S. Checkout my last assignment from school, flash sites…had great fun in this course…


Boston, MA It may not be what most people call beach weather here right now but that never stoped us new englanders heck we swim on new years day brrrrrr!!! :shock:

I have to say there is nothing like a nice cold dip in the ocean on new years day to let you know your alive. 8)

Ewwww, no way!

I am in cleveland, ohio - its no longer the mistake on lake NOW THAT THEY GOT HOME HEMO THAT IS!- been home since jan-03

I’m in Sacramento, CA. I did Home Hemo in 1987 and did not like HEMO. I went on CAPD and then received the “Gift of Life” that lasted 17 years. It was cadavaric too. Been back on Hemo since September 2005. CAPD is not an option anymore because of abdominal surgeries. I’m originally form Spokane, WA and plan on moving back there in the next few months to be near family. Can’t do this alone anymore. :?


We are from Albany NY Hubby on nocturnal since June 04
It is a little too KOOL yet to swim and we do not have a beach.
What I would give to be on a warm beach right now and sit with my book and chair in the water just letting the waves ride in.
Pat :oops:

Australia here