Why do we use metal needles for access to the fistula

why do we used metal needles the fistula. I understand that we need sharps to actually push into the vien, but wouldn’t it be safer using plastic like they do for canula’s? expecially for those doing nocturnal and may move around alot?

cheers Queenie.

That’s interesting, hmm, plastic needles? Am sure they’re out there but I guess its a matter of cost? Perhaps they cost more… :?:

Hi Gus, thanks for the reply.
Yes it is interesting, I think it does come down to cost also. I am going to ask the doctor next time I see him and see what they say. I will let you know.
cheers Queenie

You could ask if they still use any titanium in the needles, even if it’s just alloy. I believe it’s used, or was used because it’s the safest metal, copper, steel, or alumiium, iron aren’t really suitable. They all oxidise or react easily. LOL can you imagine a green copper needle or a rusty iron one!

That’s what I’ve been told as a child anyway

Some programs used to use plastic cannulas similar to what is used as a venous lock for injections, although much larger. They used to use those on me when I was in-centre when I seemed to be allergic to something about the metal needles. They are more expensive, but for home patients, it would be a little difficult if not impossible to put those in without a partner doing it. There’s no need for them anyway now that we have the blunt buttonhole needles.