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Results come from a group at the Baker Heart Research Institute in Melbourne who are internationally recognised for their work on diabetes complications, which is why they got interested in these substances called advanced glycation end-products - AGEs. Associate professor Merlin Thomas is one of the senior people on the team.
Merlin Thomas: They’re a product of a chemical reaction between sugar and protein, the same sort of thing that you see in food that makes caramel and browning on the surface of your toast. When that reaction occurs inside food it’s very appetising, it adds to flavour and aroma but when that occurs inside the body it’s not a pleasant thing altogether.
Norman Swan: So we’re not talking about the impact of eating caramel presumably, we’re talking about when it happens naturally in the body?
Merlin Thomas: The processes are similar, if you have for example high levels of sugar inside your body such as with diabetes, then the kind of process that leads to caramelisation in food leads to caramelisation in you. But the other issue is that if you’re unfortunate enough not to be able to get toxins out of your body, for example if you have kidney disease; you’re in an elderly sub-group, or you have liver disease—what you eat in terms of those caramel products actually do accumulate and do contribute to your levels of AGEs.
Norman Swan: When you caramelise, what happens?
Merlin Thomas: Well one of the amazing things about evolution in the human body is that we’ve really got used to working with a very simple sugar called glucose".

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