2 litres in but old fluid not drained, risks?

Please help me, my uncle is on capd but is in hospital. Therefore the nurses are doing his bags for him. Today the nurse said sometime next week she would be putting a bag in but she wouldnt be draining the fluid already there. This sounds very wrong to me from what we have been told about capd and the risks of excess fluid to the heart, especially as he is already weak. The doctors will not see us until we make an appointment but there are none available before the nurse plans to do this.

Please help we seem to be banging our heads on a wall as the nurses will not even explain why they are planning on doing this.

I would be grateful for any info, anyone whose had this done, or possible risks I could find out about.

It does sound wrong but I am not a pro. If the fluid is in the peritoneal cavitiy is will come out either with manual bags or with a cycler.

I am sure Dori will check in soon and give you a professionial answer.


You say “sometime next week” the nurse is going to put a bag in without draining out the fluid that’s there. You say the nurses are doing his PD exchanges for him in the hospital. I assume they’re doing this 4 or more times a day. Did you hear the nurse say this or is someone else relating this to you who may have misunderstood?

You say that the doctors won’t see you until you make an appointment but there are no appointments until after the procedure will be done. If your uncle is in the hospital, a nephrologist (kidney specialist) generally makes rounds on dialysis patients, reads their charts, talks with the nurses about how the patient is doing, assesses patients every day, and writes orders for medications, procedures, etc. If family are there when the nephrologist makes rounds, they can get questions answered. I’d suggest that someone find out when the nephrologist typically makes rounds and be there to ask for an explanation of what was heard.

It’s best if patients give permission for their doctors to talk with the family especially if they’re very ill and not thinking clearly enough to make their own decisions. Is your uncle competent to make his own decisions? If not, is he married? If not, has he appointed someone in the family as the person to make healthcare decisions for him? If I were him (or the person who can make healthcare decisions for him) I’d want to know exactly what they’re planning to do before I would consent to the procedure. Patients always have the right to refuse a treatment and until it was explained better, that’s always an option.

Did your uncle start CAPD in the hospital on this admission or has he been on CAPD for a while? If he’s been on CAPD, there should be a nurse at the dialysis facility who taught him and/or his partner how to do CAPD. The home training nurse may be able to find out more and answer questions too…if he’s given permission for the dialysis clinic to share information with family.

thanks for the replys so far. He is very out of it and even when he isnt he trusts his nurses. There is no doctor making rounds, or none that they would tell us about. He has been on CAPD for a long time, and the nurse has told us we have no right to refuse the treatment as he has been on it so long that he has automatically consented. Anyone I have talked to at the hospital dismisses me without answering my query about this and just tells me to talk to the nurse in charge and she won’t explain why this is nessecery.
She explained directly to my uncle while I was sitting next to him that she wants to hang and put in a new bag, without draining. He was out of it at the time and didn’t understand what she said and just mumbled ok, and when i asked her then she wouldnt explain anymore to me. I asked her if I had understood what she meant and she said yes. He gets it 3 times a day and i think maybe once in the night, I have seen his card and all other times he has had 2.5 litres drained before having 2 litres hung, so there is no problem with the fluid draining.
I understand you cannot give me a medical opinion, but from a personal one of ppl with experience of or associted with kidney disease? This doesnt sound right to me but I have no personal experience of this and so need more info.

Sounds like you need to track down the nurse and find out exactly what is going on. It is your right to know what is going. If you dont get the answer you are looking for, then keep pestering until you speak to the right person. It is your right to ask questions and question any treatment. Since it is your uncle, has your uncle signed a HIPPA release form for you to get medical information on him? If not, is there another family member who is taking charge? I would call his Dr. or have the nephrologist paged before anything is done. Ask questions…Ask many questions…and do your research and you will find that people will take you more seriously. Many Dr’s and nurses think they are above you and you and the patient/caregiver knows nothing.
Does he have any urine output?