3/4 inch needles

I had the opportunity to join in your recient webnar about ‘touch canulation’. Great! and thank you for taking that time with us :slight_smile: My question is, Since that time, i have had the opportunity to sample the 3/4" needles and are extreamly happy with the results. Now, to convince our neph to order for us is another story. I had asked before and the answer was just insert less into the fistula. Well, isnt that still not as good as it is still a longer ‘shoot’ for that blood to be squezed through? I am about ready to ask him again, and would like any ‘amo’ to give him on hubbys behalf to let us have them. OR,Am i being petty and should just insert less of the 1" like he suggested? Are the 3/4 more costly? Thank you for anything you can offer so as i can get this done this time. Thanks for ALL your help through our NxStage learnings.
jill, aka boswife

Yes I have a answer for him it is called the Poiseuille effect. If velocity remains the same, pump speed at 350 let’s say, and the needle is one inch, the pressure from the one inch is greater than the 3/5 inch needle. When using the 3/5 needle, the arterial and venous pressures drop from 40 if pump is speed at 300 to 120 if the pump speed is 500. What does this mean? Longer life out of an AVF and a lot less jet blast. Look this up on Google and the article will show up. Take that with you.

If he still says no, I will personally send you enough for one month and you can see for yourself. One other fact–does it make any sense to push 4/5 saying that your access is 1/5 inch deep and most forearm fistulas are that way? So when you push a 4/5 needle down the vessel wall, the tip of the needle comes in contact with the vessel wall and causes scrapes or infiltrations. If scraping occurs, the bodies’ response is to send fibrin to heal the blood clot sites. It makes sense so go for the 3/5 needle. Cost should not enter into this. Ask him this: “Does a carpenter just use a hammer to build a house?” No, it takes what it takes to get the job done and that is the 3/5 cannulation needle and I swear by them and so do many others. By the way, MediSystems is the only company that makes these.

Thank you so much Stuart!! I did write him today and his answer was basically that ‘if’ the center would order for me, then that would be fine with him. I know they are not going to want to and that saddens me. I understand their desire to order ONE style(and that being 1") , but isnt the point of NxStage to have “individualized” treatments and the ‘best’ for each individually. Well, we shall see. Oh, and, may i ask how long these needles have been in use? Because they have not been used there at our center, i think that they are under the impression that this is a 'New" thing being tried and not proven yet. We have used 2 so far with 3 left and 2 weeks till apt. at which time we’ll discuss with center. Bummed is about how i feel about it.

We were e the second one I believe to start using them in June of 2005. the have been around for 7 years and they should be able to get them without any problems send me you address and I can send them to you, You will have them by Saturday use the private e-mail than you can show them. If your doc said they are ok have him write an order for them

thank you so much… Now, how to i get my addy directly to just you ? Not a fan of posting public…

It sais ‘priviat messages’ disabled

Hi Stuart, wondering if you got my email with my address? Hope so. I’m hoping to take a set in to show our neph and the nurses at the center… When I called medisystems, i told them that i got my information and desire to use these from a highly regarded cannulation expert. They knew of you very well… :wink:

No I didn’t get your address resend if I get your address will go out on Tuesday

ok, i re-sent to your e mail that i got from Rich. Hope you get it. If you could shoot me a quick ‘got it’ message, i’d sure appreciate it, otherwize, if you havent recieved, could you send me a different e to send it to/?? thanks stuart… jill

(thinking mabie i should post this here) I think it’s important that anyone following this post know that i did recieve these 3/5 15guage needles, and Stuart, Icant thank you enough!! Used them today and feel theres no turning back. Im going to give it all we got to have them orderd for us through our center. So much nicer canulating, pressures were even lower like you said, and i took a look at the 1’ and they now just look out of the question. I did call medisystems (and our distributer) and they gave me the number for this needle to give to our center so im hoping that they’re not just going to claim lazyness and fight me on this. Why on earth would they not want the best for each patient and bos being shallow and all, and the needle being available, why oh why should this be a fight. Well, mabie it wont and will find out next week. We were so happy with these that i dont feel the need to even question the 16 guage (like i asked over on other board). Because the 16 (used with correct BFR) would be ok as well, I’ll take which ever they will supply me with. Thanks so much. Once again, your efforts have helped another.

Thank you again for all you do, and for your time, money and efforts to help me with this. jill

Im glad to hear about your success with them thanks for sharing your experience