A baby aspirin a day

Has anyone come across an article on whether or not it is beneficial for dialysis patients to take a baby aspirin a day?

Hi Folks
Hi Jane

I take an 81 mg a day. also fish oil. I just have to stop both if I need to do a medical operation. None of my Dr’s have told me to stop.

Bob O’Brien

Here’s info on aspirin from the KDOQI cardiovascular disease guideline:

Here’s an article that says that aspirin improves fistula success:

On the downside, aspirin can contribute to GI bleeding. Ask your nephrologist before you take any medication – prescribed or over-the-counter.

[B]Absolutely, its very beneficial…even in preventing strokes. Been doing since starting home dialysis back in 2004 and am still am. Literally, am doing heparinless dialysis therapies… as you know, “Can you trust heparin more than asprin”? In my case NO… heparin use long term is bad and can be deadly. When I first started dialysis incenter, after about 5 years my body started reacting to heparin, allergic type reactions and my body started creating anti-bodies against it.

I know there are other alternatives, but are they cost effective compared to asprin? I guess not…

Like anything else its important to consult with your Doctor before deciding to take asprin on your own…[/B]