A couple of new organizations to be aware of

Dialysis Advocates is an exciting new organization. As this is being written, the organization is in the process of being formed. Follow along and watch this much-needed organization grow!

Dialysis Patient Advocate Voice (DPAV) is on facebook. It was started by a couple of dialysis patients fed up with conditions they were seeing. They have been doing an excellent job amplifying the voices of staff and patients also fed up.

Thank you for this list, this is already noted. It is a great time to help, this is the exact time to share love. However, PNC Financial Services has launched its [Christmas Price Index](http://personalmoneynetwork.com/moneyb log/2012/11/27/christmas-price-index/), which adds up the prices of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” According to the report, that cost is the greatest ever. :smiley:

Just curious…Are these sites replacing Dialysis Ethics, which Arlene Mullin was active in too?

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