A poem. My husband is on dialysis; writing helps me cope

D.M. is her name. The other woman in your life. She beckons to you. Each day you talk about her. She waits for you…patiently, quietly. She is totally devoted to you and your needs. She does things for you that I can’t. You turn her on; touch her gently, cautiously, talking sweetly to her. She is your lifeline. If she fails, you curse her. She is demanding and high maintenance…you must pierce your skin for her. She requires a great deal of time and attention. At times, she makes you feel miserable, and you know just how to push her buttons and how to turn her off. She slowly takes the life from you. But, returns it carefully, gently, and improved. You tend to her and clean her. She sits in our bedroom-a constant presence. She is a part of our lives. She never leaves. I love her because I love you and she enables me have you near.

that is a great poem Heather. :slight_smile:

My husband also is on dialysis at home. We live in Australia.
I am in a spouse group on the internet that is alittle active.
the web address is
if you join yahoo.com. Then you sign up :slight_smile: it is alittle quite sometimes but it is good to find someone to talk too.

Not only is it a great poem, but you hit upon what a caregiver, shall I say attitude, that is not always heard. November is National Caregivers Month and you should be heard. Here is a little poem from my book:

Shone the sun upon your last breath,
You were gone with the rose,
The thorns and pain, you left behind.
Not knowing what I do,
I tried to follow through.
Yet it wasn’t time
To fall in line.
I guess I need to pay,
Don’t we all before we lay.
Mother, here I come,
I could hear you say.
So long for now to all of you,
For I’ve paved the way, for more to come.
Paved the way,
For the good of some.
How we ran the course.
Flew with some; and to hell with the rest.
Say hello to our friends,
If you happen to meet,
A distant memory, lay six below our feet.
They too have paved the way.
Don’t we all before the end,
Don’t we all before we lay.
Doesn’t it all, just come to an end.

See Lois’ feature on this website under Conventional Home Hemodialysis

Queenie 1, I will definitely check out this group as I am working with some other people in Australia mainly Prof. John Agar

I wrote this for my husband. I have written quite a few poems.
I hope to see you join the group.

Our hearts joined until the end of time.
You are my right side, I your left side.
We will be forever, together side beside.

We have loved each other from the moment we met.
For all we have been through we have no regret.

For a love so strong that nothing can destroy.
Every moment together is a time of joy.

A joy to be remembered even when times are hard
For the joyous moments outweigh the moments that are scarred.

To look beyond the pain and anguish you feel just look into my eyes,
You will feel the warmth of my heart radiating through your body and realize.

That with me holding your hand, right by your side forever more,
It will make you stronger when hard times knock on your door.

You can get through all the illness that comes your way,
For I will be there supporting you come what may.

Supporting you is right where I want to be in my life,
Joined at the heart, devoted to you, for I am your wife.

Together through everything that life has to bring our way,
The good times, the bad times for I will not walk away.

If we grow together sharing love, compassion, kindness, and the goodness to give.
If we stand by each other, through happiness, sadness, and learn to forgive.

We will make it to the end of time together, never being alone
Through all that we know and all that is unknown.

Love always wins over pain, heart ache, suffering and anguish alike.
For with the love in your heart and the love in mine, life will always be bright.

You are my right side, I am your left side.
We will be forever, together side beside.

Our hearts joined until the end of time.

jfwag, I have been to seminars were Dr Agar was speaking. He is a very passionate man about this job. My husband actually started on nocturnal dialysis after reading his website and attending a seminar.
Small world. :slight_smile:

I have this poem I also wrote. It is called the
The greatest gift. I hope you like it.

Everyday we have Hope.

Everyday we rise is a day of Hope.
Everyday we have Hope, is another day we rise.

On the horizon, the beginning of dawn,
Dew drops sparkling on the lawn.

Natures winged creatures, early morning song,
Radiant colours in the sky beyond.

Hues of red, orange, slowly fading,
Brilliant blue completely overtaking.

The warm, calmness of the sun,
A fresh new day has now begun.

A child in the park on the Merry-go-round,
Laughing aloud, what a wonderful sound.

Young couples walking hand in hand,
contemplating love, feeling so grand.

Elderly man sitting on a park bench, frail and old,
Eyes only for the woman whose hand he holds.

Together forever, precious memories have been,
Children, Grand children grown, a lifetime seen.

Everyday that we awake from our sleep,
To see the sun rise, then see it set deep.

Is a day that our life has hope.
be it with pain, or good health, we will cope.


Everyday we rise is a day of Hope.
Everyday we have Hope, is another day we rise.

thanks for reading.
hugs Queenie.