About Stuart Mott

Stuart Mott, LPN, is a cannulation expert who specializes in the patient’s experience of dialysis needles. He has been a dialysis nurse for more than 20 years, working with patients who have had acute and chronic dialysis, and spent more than 6 years as a traveling nurse to multiple states. Since 2005, he has been a vascular access nurse, and has developed several unique approaches, including:

[li]The “Cushion Cannulation” technique, using one or more pillows to support the patient’s access arm.[/li][li]The “Touch Cannulation” technique, where the tubing, instead of the needle, is held to help preserve Buttonholes.[/li][li]“Tandem Hand Cannulation”, where the trainer puts his or her hand on top of the patient’s to guide the patient’s hand and help overcome cannulation fear.[/li][li]“Pre-Cannulation training”, so patients would have knowledge of their accesses and the information they need to self-cannulate.[/li][/ul]

Stuart has spoken at multiple conventions, acute units, and in-center teaching in-services through out United States, and has published articles in the Nephrology Nursing Journal. He is a board member of ESRD Network 12 and works with the Fistula First Breakthrough Initiative as an advisor.