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My husband has been on home dialysis (PD) for about 1 1/2 years. We have always been very meticulous with cleanliness. (He is a retired dentist). He presented problems in December with ouflow. There was no pain, no cloudy bags, nothing to show any infection. They ran tests and the results came back showing peritonitis. He had the old catheter removed and after a period of four months a new one placed in. We waited four weeks for healing to occur . He was receiving hemo in the interim. Surgeon gave him 80% success for PD to continue even though he does have adhesions. We started the flushes a week after the new catheter was reinserted, per PD clinic and the first two went well. By the third flush, we noticed decreased fluid output and the 4th and 5th flushes continued to deteriorate. We are returning to the surgeon to have the catheter scoped but they seem to think scoping is our only option before full time hemo. We want to make sure we explore EVERY avenue before we give up on PD. IS there anything else we can be doing? Is there anywhere else we can go for further suggestions, advice, etc. Transplantation is not an option as my husband has been in remission 11 years for CLL. I am a double kidney transplant patient so we are well versed in transplantation issues. Please help!!!