Abuse and BlackBalling of Dialysis Patients-Dialysis Advocates

Case #21: CNA Capital Nephrology ASS. Raleigh NC Fresenius ____TERMINATED It appears that patient’s crime was that she was terminated from Nurse Practitioner due to tired of hearing about her personal life. She was terminated and had no Nephrologist that would take her. She now is in the Emergent situation. Waits hours to either be dialyzed or denied. She has to have a lethal potassium to receive emergency treatment/ No violence.- Blackballed-. Still pending.
Case #31 Davita Baltimore, MD_TERMINATED
____ Claimed she was violent but witnesses in the unit say different. It appears she complained about poor care, and the staff that she complained about said she was violent. We had a Civil Rights Activist go in and interview the patients, the patients tell a different story. It appears to be a setup She had complained about the worker that terminated her… –Blackballed- Still Pending.
Case #41 Davita Poconos, PA _TERMINATED-complained about a worker, worker even knowing the incident terminated him on the spot. He had another patient who started the strawberry situation. Ignored that and said he struck another patient in the head.
The other patient stated he started it, and nothing done to him. We are talking about friends. Pamela RN that he had complained about and had documentation is the one who terminated him. ESRD Network did their investigation and interviewed the other patient who admitted what had happened. Still terminated. This is the problem with self-policing among colleagues. Traveling to another clinic at a distance is financially straining and can’t do much longer. Blackballed and still is Pending.
Case # 61Closed and patient’s needs were met.
Case #71 TERMINATED and case is Closed as he was taken back in.
Case # 81 Patient was heard retaliation stopped and is Closed,
• Case# 91Davita Benton, IL Father is verbally abused. Staff has called him a liar and are hateful. He has pleaded with them to change the machine as he feels they are dialyzing him to fast. Nurse he has a problem with and has complained about will come back and turn it up. Complains that staff is talking about who they are sleeping with. Pending.
Case #92 Neomy Dialysis Brooklyn, NY TERMINATED. Patient is mentally ill, medication dialyzes out. She was in the process of having needles out, when another patient came (mental) over and got in her face. She refused to sign a behavioral agreement, she did not start it. Terminated her. Blacklisted from all clinics. State of New York put her in a Nursing home and is not allowed to leave. This smacks of prison and violates many laws. Could not go and see her first grandchild born. Still Pending.
Case #93 TERMINATED On blacklist and is receiving Emergency care only. Off Transplant list.
Case #94 Cased resolved.
Case #95 TERMINATED Albany NY. Has been unable to get into any clinic at all Emergency room only.
Case # 96 cancelled due to fear of more retaliation.
Case # 97 Davita Crystal Lake, IL Davita. Daughter has POA, feels that clinic is tired of him, they have stated he needs medication and he needs to take it as it is a condition of his dialysis, or he will be dealt with. They have diagnosed him with dementia and has not responded to a meeting with the daughter. She feels out of the loop and are doing what they want to do. Talked her into hospice. It is not their decision she feels, and she feels like she has no say. Staff will call out did he take his medication. Still Pending
Case#100 Fresenius VA TERMINATED. Nowhere to go and using the Emergency room when critical. Blackballed from other clinics.
Case #101 Fresenius Shreveport LA TERMINATED. Patient complained about care. A law firm gave us this case. He is in the Emergency Room only, Blackballed. Still Pending. CMS has been aware for months. Pending
Case #102 Fresenius West Allis, WI Bullying and harassing this patient. It appears that no one has addressed this issue and is escalating. I am fearful that they will continue and he will be terminated because how much abuse can one take. Pending
Case #103 NY This case is resolved. And patient is back in clinic. However I am still going to mention this case. A patient that had been their patient for 14 years went to the hospital and had to stay in the hospital until she met the following; She had to be able to transfer herself from wheelchair to chair unassisted. (no Hoyer lift) She had to walk to the scale. She accomplished this.( We use to weigh the wheelchair once the patient is seated and deduct that weight.) She then had to bring up her blood pressure as she has ran low for 10 years, as they will no longer give her Albumin. If not then at age 45 she has to return to the Hospital or a long term facility. We stated this is clearly “cherry picking”. Her first day was this last Wed as they took her back into the clinic. Just an example of what we are seeing Nationwide.
Case #105 Bellflower, CA Patient and wife harassed, yelled at and feel that they are receiving poor care and lack of respect as a patient.
Case #106 Davita WI. Patient complained about care, bullied, harassed, stating she is going nowhere. She was going to be accepted two times at other clinics to say they don’t want her. So she is blackballed to have no other choice but has to stay and endure this abuse.

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