Acquired Portable R.O. Machine, Have a few Questions

We obtained an Ameri-water MRO Series Dialysis Water Treatment System from an auction and we would like to know if it does have a resale value and is there a market for it, we seem to have many accessories for it as well. We also got some machine that says Solo HR made by Osmonics (has 2 tanks)

Thanks for your time

I moved this thread because this is an HD, not a PD, device. I can’t answer your question about value–my guess is that in some other country, someone would be very happy to get it. Not so sure about here, where the trend is toward machines that don’t need separate water treatment, though some still do.

Thanks for your information

These aren’t something a dialyzor would buy directly. People who dialyze at home have their equipment furnished by a dialysis provider. Was this auction an estate situation. I would question the provenience of the device to make sure the person who was the apparent owner did in fact have ownership.