Actual allert to iodine both topical and anyway

My wife is completely allergic to Iodine. i see in the internet that there are alternatives to using iodine

i have a cdc link i cant post but can forward. they used but if you search " Ce n tra l Venous Catheter Hub Cleaning Prior to AccessingCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Dialysis Bloodstream Infection (BSI) Prevention Collaborative Protocol" you may see my point.

or so i think. is there a iodine free solution for pd dialysis without iodine? Davita uses supplier Baxter and they have offered no solutions. do you know of any for the caps and supplies that will go into my Spouses body? she has a fistula that failed, a temp in her chest for hemo and now want to take out the mature
pd tube because the supplies use iodine, help?

A 2017 published article at provided the table below that shows different antibacterials, antiseptics, and cleansing agents for prevention of PD catheter related infections. As you can see, povidone-iodine is not the only option.