Adequecy test?

My mother is a home Dialysis patient and I have had no luck finding support - I am glad that I found this board. My question was - has anyone who is on the cycler had any alarms while doing this test? My mother has done this plenty of times but last night we had all kinds of scale and emptying alarms. I was so close to calling Fresenius to complain. But that gets me Knowhere either. I thought it might have been the drain bags pulling on the tubing, but I thought I would just ask to see if this is common- any feedback would be wonderful
thank you
Danielle C.

Hi Danielle,

Your mom should have a PD training nurse whom she can call to ask specific questions like this one. Has she tried calling the nurse?

Thank you- yes in fact the nurses are somewhat stumped as to why the bags are making the machine go wacky! we tried everything they said and Fresinus said and we aborted the mission. It was so weird, after her dwells the machine started to pump the drain bag- and it wouldnt stop even after it was empty! It might have been a freak occurance because even the nurses were surprised.

It sounds like something may be wrong with that machine. It’s frustrating–but at least then your mom would know it wasn’t something she was doing wrong! :smiley: The clinic may need to send a machine technician out to your mom’s home to look at it.

Learning how to do dialysis is stressful enough without machine issues, so I hope she gets this all figured out soon and can get going smoothly.