Advocacy gone Right!


November 16, 2012, by arlene

We met with the Clarkston, MI Davita clinic to discuss concerns raised by a patient. We were a little amused to be greeted by an armed guard.

The patient felt concerns with his treatment were not being listened to and that he was being retaliated against by voicing those concerns about care issues. In the beginning the meeting was tense, but the outcome was what the patient wanted. He had a chance to voice his dialysis care and how he felt retaliated for expressing any concerns.

The Davita Corporate Regional manager in attendance, I found was actively listening and took notes. I found her easy to talk with, was open minded, and not feeling attacked. I think she also now is more aware of how patients feel about their dialysis experience at Davita clinics.

The Medical director was also present, open to suggestions, listened to the patient’s feelings. The patient explained how he felt about his care. I do feel that after leaving the meeting the Nephrologists understood more about patient feelings and fears, and will be more receptive to patients needs in the future.

I felt the Social worker was the most empathetic of all. She apologized to the patient and realized that many patients feel threatened when they are undergoing dialysis and someone in authority is talking to them. The patient explained how he and other patients fell with someone towering over them while restrained during dialysis. I feel this is a major issue with most patients, standing over a patient, questioning them, is intimidating. I have a feeling the Social Worker will approach patients differently.

We feel this clinic is receptive to the need for patient/clinic relation changes.

The patient we advocated for has a voice and is being heard and respected. He reports that his care has greatly improved.

It took a brave patient and a brave spouse to speak out on care. We really did meet 2 new friends.

Davita Clarkston, MI gets high marks for meeting with us and listening to our patients needs. We hope that this is small opening in the Davita Corporate Wall and may lead to better a better understanding of what their dialysis patients concerns are, and willingness to work with us to that end.