Airports and Portable Dialysis Machines? - Help?

I did a search and it said there USED to be an article on called "Leaving on a jet plane: Flying with a PD cycler or NxStage System One" but I can’t find it. I even did a search but it only takes me to google which AGAIN gives me the old link which does not exist!

A person on my site at said they have STOPPED travelling because the last time they flew the airport didn’t listen and put the portable dialysis Cycler machine as normal luggage (not carry on like she wanted) and they broke it. It has been over 2 years since that person travelled (they are American) and so I really wanted to know where that article is so that I could give her the link.

For now I have posted from cache because I can’t find it anywhere. :confused:

Sorry the search wasn’t productive. Since we relaunched the site, Google needs to re-index. Until they do, the search function is pretty useless. It should be soon. Here’s a link to the article.

We’ve renamed the “Topic of the Month” articles "Life@Home, and you can get to them either through the home page ( or by choosing a treatment option. The Life@Home articles that are relevant for PD will show up under PD, or HD, etc. :slight_smile: