Alarm 37..............why it is coming

Hii… i am doing home dialysis for a female patient, the problem is last 3sessions of dialysis last one hour machine alarms no 37,why it is alarming… Why last one hour alarm 37coming? We checked dialysate and reducing dialysate flow and running. But not finishing on time, can anybody alarm 37 for nx stage machine comes? Our nx stage technician also couldn’t find. Help plz…

Page 19 of our manual, commonly encountered alarms says red 37 or 38 equals high pressure chamber balance,

Cause: drain line occluded or therapy line included or clotted filter

How to correct: Check for closed clamps or cap on drain line, check for closed clamps on therapy fluid line, checked for kink lines on dialyzer

You can call next stage I’m surprise they’re tech couldn’t help you
I hope you get it fixed and worked out it’s scary when these alarms go off

Are you on PD Baxter dialysis. If your PD nurse can’t help, call the Baxter helpline which is in your book. We used to get an alarm that stated Heater bag is empty which it was but there was still fluid in the bag and we just held up the bag so it would continue filling, This was usually only on the last very last end of the fill cycle 5 of 5.

Have you bleach flushed the drain line lately? Sometimes it needs to be done 2x a month.

Sometimes a bad cartridge can cause those alarms as well. I’m very surprised to hear that the tech could not assist you. You could have requested and the tech should have transferred you to someone more knowledgeable than just give up on you. I’ve never had that problem with them. If it was a bad cartridge then they will send you what you need to return the cartridge back to them. But I’m guessing by this time its too late. I’ve had that happen also and the tech over the phone determined it was a bad cartridge and requested that I return it. Hope this helps.

Shyjuv713’s message indicates the issue is happening during HD with NxStage. Was janpat3839’s post helpful, shyjuv713?