Aldosterone use for CKD patients


Since having hearing and tinnitus issues, on top of CKD III, I was suggested to try Aldosterone drops.

I have run a little search but did not find much other than a couple of sites that sell it and do seem to be good, almost too good to be true. Right after I have found out that there will be a Symposium next month in London UK, where they’ll talk among other things about hyperaldosteronism.

There seem to be no use to ask my GP or Endocrinologist about the drops, that have to be ordered privately.

Still waiting to be referred again to a nephrologist, while I am having all type of tests.

I would very much appreciate some advice/feedback if anyone is familiar with the hormon, please.

Many thanks,


Sorry, but this question is not one I feel either competent to nor able to answer.