Is there anyone out there on allergy meds, for hay fever dust ect. and on capd. I have been on capd for 3 years and all of a sudden I am having allergies. I have had no problem for the last 17 years with them now all of a sudden bam. And it is driving me crazy. In Febuary I had a sinus infection, got treated, it was so bad that I had cloudy bags for 2 weeks and was treated for that but the labs showed no growth. It cleared up finally. I will go a couple of days and then my nose will start to run , headaches, watery eyes ect, and it still does and I feel like crap. Also in febuary I took over the couner meds , my nurse said ok to use to clear up the nose and since then I have had high blood pressure since after having low bp for almost 2 years and now back on bp meds twice a day. I went to an ent for a check up and everything was ok. I am at my wits end is anyone on rx nose spray out there for allergies ? Thanks jennie

I saw on MedlinePlus that this is the worst allergy season in a decade. It lists places where the pollen count is especially high.

You can also find pollen count info on the Weather Channel at

There was a segment of the Today Show this week that discussed allergies and how you can get them at any time. I looked on the website for Today and saw this page that has info about drugs which says that nose sprays can cause high blood pressure…

Have you been to an allergist? These specialists know the most about diagnosing and treating allergies. If you go, be sure to tell the allergist that you’re on dialysis.

Your doctor or pharmacist should be able to look up the people that should not use certain OTC or prescribed drugs. Package labels also may tell you if you should ask their doctor before taking it because you have kidney disease. Sometimes dosage needs to be adjusted and other times a drug could have side effects, like high blood pressure. If you know the name of the nasal spray you used, you may be able to read about it on – look for drugs.

You might want to read about allergies on the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America’s website. They have an “ask the allergist” section.