Allient Sorbent

I saw this machine yesterday, my clinic is involved in the testing of it. It is as large as the Fresenius or Akysis but does not use r/o. It runs on about 6 liters of tap water and continually reuses the water by first filtering the water the it adds chemicals and then it goes through the system, repeating over and over. All parts are disposable after each use and it takes about 30 minutes to set up.

The odd thing about this system is that they are marketing it to people who do NOT want to do daily, so you run for 6 hours every other day. Although they do not say it is a nocturnal machine apparently the do allow you to run at night and you can go for 8 hours +.

I don’t think this is a machine for me, it is not portable, but others might find it interesting, especially if you can do short daily treatments.

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Thanks Cathy for the update.
I have been wondering how that machine is going. There maybe some hope that the Allient might have a future in Australia.
Seeing as it uses so little water compared to the Freni and we are having such dire problems with drought over here and so many people in country areas are connected to tank water it is a must. I use over 900 litres per Nocturnal treatment! That does not make me feel good!
Fingers crossed. Even though it is a lot bigger than the Akseys there may be some potential to stick it in a caravan and get to do a bit of travelling. Who knows when though? But you’ve gotta have hope(:

You can see the Allient Sorbent machine and read a brief description of it on our Equipment page – (scroll down to see it). Or visit

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