Alternatives to dialysis chair for cannulation

Other than a recliner chair w/side table such is used in dialysis for putting in the needles and pulling them at tx’s end, what other arrangements do you have for doing this at home?

I don’t even have a chair. I dialyze in bed. I do all my cannulation and discontinuation activities on a hospital bed type of table (while sitting on the edge of the bed). I do the same even when I occasionally dialyze at the hospital in a chair, simply because the table is at the right height (it’s adjustable, unlike the wing on a dialysis chair), and there is more room to lay out all the things I need.

I dialyse in a recliner, but not with a side table - I have one of those corner desks, with the curved indentation, so my fat belly fits in there :smiley: and my elbow has desk still under it. Once on, I slide the recliner back, so’s I can put my knees up free of the desk when reclined. There’s a matching hutch with it, on my right, with cannula boxes, other dx bits’n’pieces, plus the flask, tea bags & milk, remotes, phones… :slight_smile:

I rest my arm on a firm pillow on my lap whilst sitting on my bed.
I know a bloke who dilayses at his home office desk in a work chair and just does all his needling on his work surface. Then he just goes back to his work. 8)

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I have a bed as well because I do nocturnal. I just use a pillow for cannulating and to rest my arm on while Im asleep to help keep it reasonably still. How do you get any sleep in a recliner bear?

I’ve gotten used to it Amba…it’s not the same, so now bed is a real luxury. I’ve even been sleeping in the recliner on my ‘off’ nights, so I don’t keep my wife awake, with the semi-constant coughing!!! Hopefully this flu will start to go away soon. I’ve only spent one night in bed in the last 10-11 days :roll:

Oh dear bear that cant be good! Do you not want a bed to sleep in whilst on the machine? I have started on sleeping tablets and according to my other half I kept him up all night the other night, was first night I took the tablets :shock: Both times in my life that I have been on dialysis, if I sleep on my back I moan in my sleep lol I think its my version of snoring, because I often wake myself up moaning and I have found Im out of breath. So I guess what helps one doesnt help the other!! Will see in the next few nights.