Another needle question

I wrote just a while ago but dont see it posted??? so, sorry if it shows up somewhere else but, Im wondering now IF, a 16 guage needle 3/5 would be ok for Bo as his A pressure at(300BFR ) is 115 and his V is 70-90. It seems that he could do a 16 with ease or am i thinking wrong. Thanks a whole bunch!! jill

How deep is the access and is it a forarm fistula?

Shallow fistula, Just past the tip of the needle deep and a forarm fistula.

Ok 16g needles are great if the blood flow remains under 350 flow. You will see a drop in the venous pressure and the art pressure so don’t be alarmed that’s what great about the 3/5 needle lower pressure less stress on the fistula. Let know how they turn out

I have recieved these needles, thank you so much,and i cant thank you enough!! Used them today and feel theres no turning back. Im going to give it all we got to have them orderd for us. So much nicer canulating, pressures were even lower like you said, and i took a look at the 1’ and they now just look out of the question. I did call medisystems (and our distributer) and they gave me the number for this needle to give to our center so im hoping that they’re not just going to claim lazyness and fight me on this. Why on earth would they not want the best for each patient and bos being shallow and all, and the needle being available, why oh why should this be a fight. Well, mabie it wont and will find out next week. We were so happy with these that i dont feel the need to even question the 16 guage (like i asked over on other board). But, if they say they can get that one, i would go ahead i guess. That wont raise the pressure though would it??

Thank you again for all you do, and for your time, money and efforts to help me with this. jill

All went well with Bo’s apt and Needles agreed to… I was so happy and excited to tell you and then as we were going to order, i see that having changed to Davida we also changed distributors. Now, i will say that our other distributor didnt show that they had the needle either but when i wrote they said that yes indeed they have it and gave me the order #… Now, this new distributor doesnt show it either but i will check w/them monday. I dont think they even have ‘medisystems’. Any experience with other ‘brands’? or should i demand (as much as able) the medisystems???

Ok great you can goole med-system and get there custom hotline number and they can give you a list of their disturbers. They are the only ones that make the 3/5 inch cannulation needle. they come in buttonholes and sharps. 17g 16g 15g and 14g

our distributor is in their list. Hope this works… Thanks again :slight_smile:

It’s getting wearder… I called the mms and they contacted their specialist and they say they have the BD needles (?) and 18 guage. Gonna have to try calling again when my brains more awake. They were very nice but i KNOW they have to have other size needles, i just couldnt get my thoughts together to explain ‘why’ they do.

BD is probably Becton-Dickinson. They make needles and syringes, too.

A and V pressure should be half the pump speed or less. 16G needle will only allow 300-350 blood flow. Blood cell destruction (hemolysis) starts at about 280. Keep your pressures below 25 and you are safe.