Anybody had parathyroidectomy?

I had a pth-ectomy on 3-7. When does the arm implant stop hurting? My bone pain is completely gone so I can do my marathon’s again, but this arm ain’t right. It is not infected. anybody got words of encouragement?

Still hurting after 5 weeks? For a minor surgery? (arm) When was the last time you called the surgeon? I would get some help and get it now. If your surgeon wont help talk to your Neph or have him/her recommend someone. You have the right to be as pain free as possible. If you are still in pain after this time it is possible something isn’t quite right. Get some help! Good Luck

Your arm implant, is it a fistula? How long have you had it?

There is no implant in a parathyroidectomy is ther?. Either part or all of your parathyroid is removed. What implant are you referring to?

I recovered normally from mine but still require 500 mg calcium per meal and .1 mic of Zemplar four times a week to keep from going hypoclacemic. Without the calcium within 24 hours my finger tips start to tingle.

I had a partial so the zemplar also helps to control PTH.

I agree with Gus though see your surgeon if your still in pain. Good luck, Erich

In some cases, all of the parathyroid glands are removed–and then part of one is implanted in the arm, where it is easier to check on (and remove if it gets too big again).