Anyone had their gallbladder removed?

Just found out I might need my gallbladder out. Im not too keen on this idea. Has anyone here on HD had theirs out? If so, how did it affect you afterwards?

Had mine out in '96 after persistent gallbladder attacks, but that was long before I started dialysis (in 2002). I don’t think it affects in any way.

Hi Amber,

Years ago, when I was 5 years old, my dad had his gallbladder out the “old fashioned way” – open surgery. This was also in Florida (not the best place to get medical care, at least in 1965!). It took him weeks to recover, and he ultimately needed another operation.

Fast forward to 1990. Our next door neighbor had it done laparoscopically. She was home in a day or two and felt great!

This used to be a big deal, but even that was 17 years ago. It’s a much easier procedure these days, and if you’re having gallbladder attacks (if not, why would you want it out?) you’ll feel so much better without it.

Even in 1996, they removed mine using the new laparoscopic method. No scars at all. I was in for surgery at 9AM, spent a few hours in a recovery room, and was back home by 4:30 that same day.

Thanks for the replies. I do get pain in that area sometimes, but hardly ever now that Ive lost so much weight.
If they advise me to get it out I will. I read that polyps can cause gall bladder cancer, which is rare, but if Im ever going to be on the transplant meds again then Id rather not take the risk.
They arent sure if it is a polyp, so if they want to poke around in there they may as well take it out.

Several years ago mine was giving my problems but I was suggested to change to a light diet. Since then after changing the problem went away.

Usually gallbladders are removed because of gallstones that are too large to pass, are blocking the duct, and are causing pain.

This is a pretty cool description of gallbladder and various problems. There are pictures of gall bladder surgery. I haven’t watched it, but from the link below there’s a link to a video of gallbladder surgery.

Ive got one gallstone and something that looks like a polyp. I havent seen the doctor about it yet, but my renal doc said taking it out is just a maybe at the moment.

From what I read, it appears that sometimes polyps form because of the gallstone.

I read that too beth, Im not too sure if the polyp is encasing the gallstone. When they did the scan from what I heard them saying, it wasnt. Im going to be anxious until I see the surgeon now :?