i have been having a chronic cough and a fullness in my throat. This has accured many times and its very irritating. I have had ecos stress test and the only thing showing is that I have a attack acordia not afib. and also heart burn. Anyone else ever had these symtoms.

Heartburn can cause a persistent dry cough–and if it is not treated, it can damage your esophagus. Heartburn occurs when stomach acid backs up into your esophagus (it can literally cause burns). If you haven’t tried raising the head of your bed up an inch or so–or sleeping on lots of pillows–some folks get relief from this. There are drugs for heartburn or “GERD” (gastro-esophogeal reflux disease), too. Antacids are often used, and “proton pump inhibitors” can help you to make less stomach acid. Here is a U.S. government site about this problem:

Do you take an ACE-inhibitor as a blood pressure pill? Generic names for ACE-inhibitors end in “pril” (captopril, ramipril…). These drugs are known to cause a persistent dry cough as a side effect. If this is the problem, your doctor can switch you to another class of BP pills that doesn’t cause a cough (such as ARBs).

Do you smoke?

If this cough keeps coming back, it might be worthwhile to see a pulmonologist (lung specialist). Your doctor should be able to refer you to one.

My husband had that kind of cough. I looked at his med side effects and found it was his blood pressure medicine that caused or contributed to his cough. After a change his cough went away. Maybe this will help.


Some meds (as previously suggested)… also, could be fluid overload. Has your dry (ideal) weight changed? Perhaps you need to try (after consulting with your physician of course), removing slightly more fluid to see if the cough disapears?

Hope you have a resolution soon.