APD and shift work

Is it safe to do shift work ( 4 days, 4 off , 4 nights) when you are on APD dialysis 9 hours every night?
Does changing dialysis timing every 4th day ( days to night vice versa ) reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Your home training nurse would be the best person to ask this question. I"m not a nurse, but I would think that you could gradually adjust the time you start/stop your 9 hours of APD during your 4 off days. If you had to do your 9 hours closer together than normal, your nurse could tell you how to change the machine settings so you don’t take off more fluid than needed.

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Thanks for your reply , unfortunately my renal team don’t give straight answer about anything. I find it too difficult to get a answer from them . Mostly their replies are delusional specially doc. Worst doc since I have the kidney disease.