What was your appetite like on in-center dialysis and how has it changed with daily dialyis?

Poor on in centre, but even when it was good, I found the diet very limiting. Dramatically improved since short daily and then nocturnal, plus now I can satisfy that appetite with virtually no dietary limitation. It makes a huge difference!

My fathers dramatically improved.

  • In-center, appetite fluctuated crazy…no balance…
  • Daily dialysis, appetite is balanced

My appetite was very poor while on in-centre, except some days when I came off the machine I was ravishing! Now since being on nocturnal it is pretty much normal.

Btw, any of you get very hungry after dialysis? Like a BIG appetite just right after finishing dialysis? If so, what do you think causes it? Some people report this problem and because of that they worry that they’re gaining weight. I did some search around the net and found this article…