Aqua boss

Hi guys just woundering if you have had good experiences with the boss. I have noticed tds and rejection numbers below 90% normally that would be kind of weird but my other r.o from the antient times reads 99% so i figure the reading must be a diffrent class?? comments please

I have been using the AquaBoss for over 6 months. I have readings of 99.5 when I run the RO water into a sink and readings of 99.8 when it’s being feed to the machine. My other RO’s only read about 93. So far I haven’t had any where near the breakdowns with the Aquaboss that I did with other RO’s. If I have any complaint at all is that it does produce as much purewater. Takes me 10 minutes to fill 9.5 liters and the other RO’s took about 5.


We aren’t allowed to the use the RO if the rejection rate goes below 87-88.