Are Dialysis Clinics Required To Have AMA's Onsite?

Given that I have the right to accept or reject any proposed treatments for my body that I do not think are in my best interest, why are there no AMA Forms in my center, even though it is a Home Dialysis Center?

How can I exercise my right to Informed Consent without an AMA? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thank you!

Among the several patient rights listed in the ESRD regulations at 42 CFR 494.70(a), it states that the patient has the right to
“(2) Receive all information in a way that he or she can understand;”
“(5) Be informed about and participate, if desired, in all aspects of his or her care, and be informed of the right to refuse treatment, to discontinue treatment, and to refuse to participate in experimental research…”

According to Wikipedia, there is no requirement for a hospital where AMA forms are used mostly) to require patients to sign an AMA form, but providers have to fully inform patients about recommended treatment(s) and the risks of choosing not to treat. I believe the intent of the AMA form is to protect the provider if you try to sue by saying you were informed and chose to not accept recommended advice/treatment.

What treatment is your clinic recommending that you want to refuse?

what service are you refusing? i’ve refused the recommended treatment by my home pd team plenty. when was incenter hemo… if i cut treatment, they jad me sign a form like ama lf we left earlier. states our prescribed time, how much we had left and why. mines was always staff…