Automated PD

My dad has been on a PD for a month and a half. We are considering the automated PD and thus purchasing the cycler. Could you please let me know what has been your experience with the cycler (pros and cons) and esp what is the price of the cycler. Baxter quoted me a list price of 15,000 dollars for their Homechoice Pro. Does this sound reasonable? What is a plausible price range?
I will appreciate your advice.

You can look at the Compare Treatment chart under the 5 types of dialysis on the home page to compare CCPD to other treatments.

So far as the price of the machine, we do not know how much any supplier charges for its machines. In the U.S. Medicare covers the cost of the machine and supplies with its payments for dialysis. It is pretty rate that someone in the U.S. buys a machine because:

  1. Medicare reimburses for a purchased machine in monthly payments even if the person paid a lump sum;
  2. it ties the patient to a machine so if there are improvements in machines or treatments, the patient may not have access to those improvements as quickly.

You have assumed right that my question concerns a patient outside the US. Therefore my next question – can you please advise what brand of super non-allergic tape does the US patient on PD use to cover the exit area (where the catherer is). My dad uses a tape which is a French brand and in limited supplies in the country he is located. Does it have to be a PAPER tape and what company is preferred for a tape when it is needed for the PD? Please specify brand, tape type, etc…

Also, I am trying to find the clips used to stop the fluid exchange (when he switches between outflow to inflow, he uses some special clips to stop the flow from out solution bag to in solution bag)? Can I buy these clips in the pharmacy? Brand and type?

Thank you very much in advance

In the U.S. the clamps that a patient uses for dialysis come with the supplies. If your dad uses either Baxter or Fresenius equipment/supplies, we have the website addresses for them with pictures of cyclers that those companies make under Equipment from our home page.

So far as tape is concerned, some patients use tape and others use PD sleeves or belts that keep them from having to use tape since some people’s skin is too sensitive to use tape every day. Besides the skin issue, an advantage to using a belt over tape is that even though it costs more up front, it is washable and reusable. You can find a couple of these PD sleeves/belts under our Helpful Products Catalog, also from our home page. You may be able to find others by using Google and look up PD belt.