Availability of Home dialysis machines in Nicaragua


I have a friend who is in search of a PD machine for home use for her brother who has Downs Syndrome and lives in Nicaragua. My friend is a nurse and could help her brother with home care. The challenge is finding a machine and some training. Any suggestions?

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From what I’ve heard, most PD done in Latin America is done manually (called CAPD) rather than with a cycler machine. A patient can learn how to do CAPD in a few days and usually can do it without help.

The La Isla Foundation or La Isla Network is working with people in Nicaragua who have chronic kidney disease. Here’s their contact info for questions about what they do and where a patient can be taught to do PD, to get supplies, and the cost.
I found this U.S. contact info:
La Isla Foundation
P.O. Box 816
Ada, MI 49301
Phone: 1-347-585-7465

HI Barbara,
PD the majority of countries in Latin American can provide APD ( PD with a cycler), in general the patients does not have to buy it, Baxter or Fresenius, with provide the machine and combined with the renal unit also provide training.