AVG users out there?

I see lots of PD and AVF discussion around. I am a CFCP (Certified Frustrated Care Partner). Husband has a graft and sometimes cannulation doesn’t go so well. Anyone else having problems?

Hi and welcome! Much as we love these forums, and I’m very glad you’ve joined, most of the discussion has moved to Facebook. So, if you are on Facebook, please search for Home Dialysis Central, and you are likely to get more answers there. What sorts of cannulation issues have you been having? Stuart Mott, an expert cannulation nurse, answers questions for us here in our Expert boards and also on Facebook. With a graft, it’s REALLY important to rotate sites so you don’t cannulate in the same small area over and over and weaken the artificial vein. It sounds as if maybe you are doing the cannulating. Can your husband do it?

My children will be glad to know I need Facebook! I’ve resisted it so far. I do the CANULATION. The position of the graft makes it too difficult for him to self-can. We’ve had problems with V pressures, but things are settling down. He had ultrasound and graft is OK. We go for fistulagram next week, just to make sure all is clear “upstream”. Other than that, I just wanted to know how other “grafties” are doing. We are the first graft at our clinic and any blips seem to be different from fistulas. I was very intimidated by machines, but that seems to be falling into place, also. If I had known HD was going to be in my life plan, I would have gone to Harvard Med School and MIT! Thank you for responding…