Bad Moment

Howdy, I had a bad moment while starting my Nxstage treatment yesterday. I have a new batch of 170 cartridges sent special by nxstage like many other nxstage patients after the voluntary recall of the problem cartridges. Just after starting treatment my machine quit and a RED 60 pops up in the window. I looked in the book and discovered the was a cross leak between dialysate and blood circuits. Sure enough the drain line was pink. Does that ever send a shiver up one’s spine. My wife was able to sucessfully rinse back( that is the right thing to do isn’t it?) I was too nervous to use the same lot number again so I quit for the day. Waiting for a new shipment. While I am glad the machine caught the situation it is still nerve wrecking to think about the possibilities when things fail.

What I learned in training is that when you get a blood leak, you should only rinse back if you are using bagged dialysate, because it is a sterile solution. The dialysate from the Pureflow is ultra-pure, but not sterile, and you should not return the blood if you get a blood leak when you’re using Pureflow because of the possibility of the non-sterile dialysate crossing into the blood.

We were trained to NEVER rinse back if there was a leak!

Any chance you can give that lot number out?


Yes, it is rather nerve wrecking when something goes wrong…
According to the manual you did the right thing…rinse back the blood (Red 60 alarm)… Hope you did it manually… you know move the red (aterial) line from the patient to the priming spike and open the cycler door and squeeze the saline bag to return the blood something you would do in a power failure situation before the filter gets clotted.

On a Fresenius; we were taught, if you had a minor blood leak you could return the blood and on a major blood leak DO NOT RETURN THE BLOOD…

Great Job …Give yourselfs a pat on the back…Keeping calm and taking your time to return the blood before the filter gets clogged. After this first emergency YOU can Handle anything… Believe it or not there will be more down the road but you ARE capable of handling them all… On the next failure you will be more confident. The main thing to remember is to stay calm and return the blood if possible. As far as the next treatment jitters it will pass once your next treatment is over… DON’T waste the time worrying if it will happen again… Reflect on what you did and knowing that any problem with the treatment your partner and you can take care of it… Think POSITIVE… The only thing better than Home Hemo Dialysis if not having end stage renal disease…Keep up the good work…