Baxter Homechoice Pro for Sale

A quick warning for anyone considering purchasing this machine–the Medical Education Institute and Home Dialysis Central are NOT responsible for any sales of products that occur as a result of using this site.

We strongly urge any potential buyers to be certain that whoever is selling the machine truly does own it (just because a machine is in someone’s home does NOT mean they own it–in most cases, at least in the US, the dialysis center owns it).

We don’t have ANYTHING to do with this sale, we don’t warrant the machine, and we can’t help you if you buy it and something goes wrong. We’re a small non-profit organization, not eBay. So, buy at your own risk.

I am selling what looks to be a Brand New Homechoice Pro Unit for home or office use. I bought this unit at a local swap meet from a person who thought it was a baby scale. I don’t know how he got it, but he obviously didn’t know how to read. I scored, but I know that someone else could use this more than me. I will be taking a look at the first few offers with their story. Offer needs to be fair, but I really just want this to go to the right candidate.

The unit is still wrapped in plastic and looks to have its manual. It powers up well but like I said, it seems to be Brand New.

I would prefer a money order, but will accept PAYPAL. I will ship anywhere in the continental u.s. as well as international at buyers expense. Insurance as well.

You can email me with offers. story and pic request.

my email is…there is an underscore between jr & pene which is hidden by the automatic link underlining.