Baxter jumping back into home hemo

Hi y’all,

Well, here’s an interesting new development hot off the presses: <> We’ll have to keep an eye out for what they come up with.

I saw several reports of this online yesterday.
among others.
Perhaps Baxter is picking up where AKSYS LTD left off.
Some of the history on this goes back a few years.
Scott R. Sacane was sentenced to three years in federal prison.
The two companies that Baxter signed an agreement with are the same two companies that AKSYS worked with in developing and bringing to market their home dialysis machines, and that Baxter had previously worked with for their PD cycler.

Perhaps the AKSYS machine will rise from the dead.

noticed 1st and 5th links don’t work.

1st-???hmmm???-briefly-announced that Baxter had signed an agreement to
collaborate with DEKA R&D and HHD LLC to develop a new HHD machine.


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