BBraun Dialog Plus

Anyone have experience with this machine in they’re unit?

My unit is looking at these machine. Any info would be great.

My program has been using the B Braun Dialog machine in our home hemo program since 2000. We have the initial 4.43 version. We switched from the old Cobe C2Rx retrofit with the UFCM.
The machines have performed well in the home with minimial service calls. The machine has been very user friendly to both patients and their helpers. We are able to complete training in 4 weeks and patients are pretty confident at discharge.

Initially we had the patients use a diskette to store their dialysis information from run to run but have since changed this. We now have them enter their dialysis orders each treatment.

We have been happy with the Braun machines.

I think this is a great machine, easy to learn and understand.

I have been using the Braun Dialog Plus machine since last August when I started hemo in the unit. I now have it at home and I think it is brilliant. It is very easy to set up and use and, for a machine, is aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Hello everybody!!

I have a question regarding the priming disposable bucket of the Dialog +, do you know if the bucket is connected to the drain line in order to empty itselft, or do you have to empty it by yourself??