Best Web Info I've Found for Educating Docs

I’ve spent many months doing online research. Below is a link to a Veterans Administration document which details how doctors should handle their kidney patients. Overall it is absolutely the most complete, informative collection of information in one document that I have found. All General Practioners NEED to read this so badly. Even Nephs would benefit.

Besides the detailed info on tests and meds, it has a wonderful section on how to handle the patient coming to terms w/ the fact that they may be headed to ESRD and dialysis/transplant, and emphasizes patient education!!

It may take a few hours to wade through all of the detailed info but IMO, it is well worth the time it takes. I skipped over much of the technical sections the first time, but I’ve gone back several times until I have now read it all. I definitely plan to save this document to refer to in the future and to pass along.