Better Treatment HHD & Less Water Waste

Anyone using this yet for Home Hemo…?

Uses about 1/2 the water of traditional machines!

Tablo from Outset medical :hospital:

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I have a demo scheduled next week on Friday (I think), very well versed with NxStage so I will pop back and give my opinion then!

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Thanks so much! And good luck :+1:

@BigMac I was facing same problem. Luckily i saw your post thanks for sharing this with us. :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks interesting, but much of the ‘reject water’ from dialysis treatments (ie cleaning stages) can be used, not wasted.
I save around 80 gallons in the summer from my Fres, for irrigation.

Absolutely! Dialysis “reject water” is cleaner than tap water. This is not true of used dialysate, of course.

Isn’t the Tablo the machine where the initial designs looked like the cross between a Dalek and a Dustbin? Or a Square Dalek!

All in all, looks good.

Josh, would really appreciate knowing just how much water the Tablo does use.
Here in Australia where I am, water is a scarce resource. Any way of reusing the used dialysate would be a wonderful improvement but I don’t think the Tablo does that.
Paul Cruice

Uses 1/2 the water as other machines.

Really is better for everyone and the environment

Due to Tablo’s efficiency and low flow rate :+1::grin:

I suspect the amount of water used depends on the dialysis prescription. The manufacturer of the Tablo, Outset Medical, has a contact form on its website at Contact Us | Outset Medical. You might try using that form to get the information you want.