Anyone know the full story of the Gambro vs Fresenius patent dispute over Bibags? :shock: Seems like Nocturnal patients are the ones who will lose out severely here in Australia.

I found this press release from Gambro in 5/04:

I found this newsletter for attorneys from 12/05:

Thankyou, Beth!
I have been surfing the net for hours. Well done! 8)

hi Beachy,
have you heard anything else about the BiBags.
I am in nsw and we are currently fighting with the centre to get more bibags, but they tell us there are no more available. We have enough to last for 5 months, then thats it. we will have to use the 5 ltr liquid bottle liquid form of bicarbonate. This is going to be a big pain in the you know what! because of storage and also because it means getting up 3 times a night to change the bottle. Thats not going to help this ‘carer’ any. :frowning:

I have heard that Fresenius are going back to court trying to claim hardship on home, particularly nocturnal patients, but we are yet to hear anything else about it.

Have you heard anything else?
cheers Queenie

Haven’t heard anymore than you have yet. just that we “may” be given an exemption because of hardship. Too right! Nocturnal is hard enough without getting up to more alarms in the early hours and storage. Crikey!!!

HI Beachy, :slight_smile:

If I hear anything I will let you know. Do you have a stock up of bibags for at least a couple of months?
If they don’t win the court case for hardship then we will have to use the liquid until 2008 when the patent runs out. Then they can revert back to the bibags.
Apparently it isn’t a problem overseas because they don’t have the patentency laws we have here.


Hi Queenie
Think I have about 6 months stockpile too. Plus one more order hopefully this Friday. Just joined your group. Hope to “see” you there!