Blood Flow Speeds

I would not run at anything higher than 340 blood speed, per Stuart Mott, which causes fistula damage… My personal preference is a blood speed of 300. In my seven years of experience, the human body is not made for quick dialysis, which causes fistula damage over time. At FF of 25, that is a treatment of 7:30 or 7:33. In addition, the body does not seem to like quick fluid removal, in a normal kidney, fluid is removed slowly, not like a shotgun approach as In-Center The way that these people perform dialysis is goofy. This is why they are losing fistulas, high blood speed and infections from improper cleanings. Per IU guidelines, nocturnal is not to be done at a speed greater than 300. As I have posted before, IU has found Betadine to harbor infections, I know that some people cannot use Chorla Prep. If you do as Stuart Mott tells you and the IU guidelines for fistula cleaning, you will or should have fistula free of infections for many years and no fistula damage from high blood speeds… If you are concerned about something that is being done to you, call IU Home Dialysis 1-317-963-6850. The Nursing staff there has 20-30 years of experience on average and the tech who handles the sticking, has 34 years of experience, she is outstanding. Yes, if you go there, there are worth the time, travel, and money, they have my respect.

Good advice on the blood flow speed. I’m not sure that IU will want to take calls from all over the world, but you never know. :wink: