Blood on fingers

When you get blood on your fingers when holding your first site, do you wipe the blood off with an alcohol pad before holding the 2nd site?

I have gloves on when I am removing my needles so if I get blood on one, I remove the glove and put on another one.

I am a vampire, so I lick them clean… :stuck_out_tongue: …jokingly, hehehe

Seriously, I hold 2 at a time…they both never bleed and if they do all I do is replace the gauze while using Sanitizer in between…

Like Gus, I hold 2 at a time, usally some of the nurses will alcowipe as much blood off as possible.

I also only take a few minutes if that to stop bleeding.

I AM aware of how powerful my fistula could be.
I was told when they created it under general anastetic, I sprayed the ceiling!