Blood Pressure

Does everyone on nocturnal dialysis have normalized blood pressures? How about SDD patients?

What exactly normalizes the bp? Is it that fluid is removed daily or are there other reasons?

Good question. I don’t know if everyone has normalized BP. I know I do, just as my neph said I would, and it didn’t take long to get it. Short daily improved it, but daily nocturnal totally normalized it. What the mechanism is I don’t know. It seems to me that the whole cardiovascular system somehow just relaxes. I think that there is more to it than just daily fluid removal.

I wondered about that too. Even though Hubby is on Norvasc, and lasix twice daily, he probably has 10 to 20 pounds of excess fluid and I am hoping when he starts dialysis that will help the fluid retention, and lower his BP. He currently has great difficulty getting his BP to stay below 130/90. (Last GFR was 13.5) :?: Do PKD patients usually have that decrease also? Or do the cysts compress the vascular supply so that it keeps the BP too high despite dialysis?

My BP is a bit high lately and my doc hass me on Norvasc. When my BP is under control it is when I’ve been good limiting sodium. When I don’t shop and cook my own food my BP goes up.

Whether 3x incenter txs or daily home txs, is blood pressure the determination of whether a patient is dry or not?

What should blood pressure run going on incenter tx? What should bp run getting off incenter tx?

Likewise, what should bp run getting on daily home txs? Getting off home txs?

Here’s an article written by nurses for nurses that discusses dry weight, including blood pressure and other signs and symptoms:

My fathers BP normalized on slow nocturnal dialysis. I think some of it may have to do with the slow fluid removal.

There’s an influence on how much sodium intake you have daily…if you don’t maintain a good sodium level in your diet then you’ll deal with hypotension(low-blood pressure)…and of course excess sodium causes dirst in return causing blood pressure to rise…

In my example, went from 190/90 blood pressure in-center 3x week to 90/50 doing daily-short, but has gone lower when I don’t maintain good sodium intake…

Nice thing is I only need to take off from .8-1.2 daily… 8)