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I’m lost , one of the side effects of my spina bifida has & still is lack of control of my bowels. Before dialysis I dealt with it the best I could. My bowels from time to go from normal to constipation, to very loose stool. The fact that I have no control and no feeling, let’s just say I ending at times with major problems.Up till dialysis I would just cancel events, stay home etc. I do home hemo, have a fistula, have had tests done since Jan. (stool sample upper GI lower GI ) Everything says I should be fine. And from the start the bowel issues have come and gone. It’s just right now it has been an issue for about 2 wks. not everyday’ which is the madding part. I’ll go a day and no issue, then last night I get on dialysis and bang, at sometime in the night I wake to a major issue. I have an artificial sphincter for control of bladder issue (still making urine, going to bathroom for urine 3 x a day) I understand that the use of artificial sphincter for bowel control is now in use. So far have not found Dr in my area (phila) that has history or even has heard of the use of the artificial sphincter for bowel control. Any ideas???Yes I’m on meds for the issues , they did work, but right now can’t get a handle on it

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I hope you get some good advice Bob. Sorry to hear of your problems although I don’t have any solution for you. I also go from normal to loose to constipated but I can control it. I have found that when I remember to take my Intestinal Care DF (Acidophilus & Bifidobacteria by Ethical Nutrients) my bowels are much more consistent. I know that won’t solve your control problem but it may help part of the problem.

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Wendy , would you mind telling me or us how you came to use the product? I’ve been to Dr’s off and on over the yrs. Since I’ve been on dialysis I’ve asked my renal team on the issue. We gone over my food intake. . I really don’t want to go the surgery . But no Dr has said try this or that as an answer. I had bowel surgery in 96 and had major issues till about 2000. Things seem to calm down,but now with dialysis(05 in center, home hemo 4/06)…The two have taken a physical and mental health toll.

So did you just come across this on your own or what Dr.etc helped with it.

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Hi Bob,
I don’t take any supplements (and I take a lot of them) without the recommendation or approval of my naturopathic doctor. His name is Paul Reilly with Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center. For 14 years he has prescribed supplements for me to assist with everything from general health to chemo enhancement and its side effects to immune support. The Acidophilus is present in everyones bowels. We all need extra support in that area. That particular brand is a trusted brand. You may need to go to a health food store to get it.

Here is one link that may provide a little info.

I hope this helps. It certainly is worth a try.

A transplant patient who is a friend of mine has similar complaints. She has had extensive abdominal surgeries. After months and months of episodes of diarrhea, a nurse practitioner finally set her up for a lactulose breath test which led to a diagnosis of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Now she is taking antibiotics (Xifaxin), probiotics, and following a diet low in lactose, gluten, and many carbohydrates.

She had a very hard time getting doctors to try anything. They believed that her GI tract would never function normally because they only saw her when she had horrible diarrhea. However, she went for days or weeks with normal bowels. She couldn’t get doctors to consider that diet or sensitivity to certain foods might cause her GI symptoms to be worse. Finally we did internet research and found enough information in reputable journals to convince her doctors that diet may contribute to her symptoms.

Read this and see if this sounds like your symptoms. If so, consider asking your doctor if you should be tested for this disease. There is treatment and things you can do to help to control the symptoms.

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I want to thank Both Wendy and I wish her the Best… And I could not go without a big thank you To Beth…

My first surgery was 72/73, then they came what seem every yr. till late 80’s. The last major one 96, I never did recover fully from this one, but have work hard to live as normal a life as can be, dialysis has not be kind.
I will bring this up on tuesday.
I thank you Both

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