Brumley dialysis forum

For some reason I am restricted from the site,I haven’t even looked @ it in months. Is it shut down? Does anyone know why I cant get on?Does anyone know the email to the moderator, so I can ask?

Seems they’re gone for good…

The last few times I read that forum there seemed to be some very rude and obnoxious types abusing each other( one seemed to be a “troll” with nothing better to do )
The site was obviously not moderated well so maybe it is just as well it is gone.

So it is not just me ,that’s a load off! but gone no reason why just one day up then it was down?

I emailed Scott Brumley who is an accountant. He had started Dialysis Online years ago. I asked if he had shut down the site because people were posting messages to try to sell things and others were being generally nasty to each other. He replied to my email that those were the reasons that he shut down the site permanently.

Thanks for clearing that up for me sad it had to go.

So much people visited that old forum and for several bad apples that forum is killed?

Bad management. Where’s the moderators? Where’s the seriousness in it? It’s a failure, not the people who visited it but the person who ran it himself.

Maybe it sounds better and cleaner to say Scott Brumley simply didn’t have the time to manage the board nor try to look for a worthy moderator to keep it going…

A petition anyone? Wanna re-vive that old board?

Dialysis Online was really the first public kidney board that I recall coming across - I think Dialysis Online started in 1995. It always was a rowdy crowd but because new people kept coming to the Board serious posters tried to stay around to answer real questions and provide guidance – this was a thankless and tiresome task as I think Pierre and others can attest.

If you Google the word “dialysis”, Dialysis Online still comes up 4th (it was #1 until just this summer) so new people kept coming to the Board, this was the board’s strength – high Google ranking and a constant stream of new posters (Many posting to the internet for the first, and unfortunately last, time). However, was Dialysis Online ever really the best place for a new person to get information about dialysis? This site – - comes up 21st when you google “dialysis”. comes up sixth when you google “dialysis” (full disclosure: I moderate on Globaldialysis). Both of these site have forums and I’d say both of these sites are better first destinations for a new person looking for information.

Rather than starting a petition to get Brumley back online - I think time would be better spent raising the profile (the Google profile) of this board or any board that you find useful. You can raise the profile of this site by linking either the main page or the discussion forum page from a personal or business web site.

This is something I have been meaning to do (I do have a very basic web site – but every little link would help); we should all think about linking this forum with common Google search words - such as “dialysis”, “Dialysis Forum”; “Dialysis Newsgroup”; “Dialysis Message Board”; etc.

Yes Dialysis Online was my first internet experience and we always remember our first fondly but alas she did not age well. Let her go and may she rest in peace.

Hi y’all,

I also fondly remember the Brumley boards, although like many other boards, they did get a bit rowdy. Our message boards are monitored pretty close to hourly each day, and we even check them on weekends. We’ve also been quite aggressive about deleting spam email and even deleting “members” who join only to link to their commercial sites.

This site – - comes up 21st when you google “dialysis”.

This is one reason that we buy Google search terms–part of what we spend our sponsor dollars on to be sure this site is easily found and used. Among sponsored links, we’re always in the top 3 on Google when you search “dialysis,” “peritoneal dialysis,” “home dialysis” and a number of other terms. Of course, the more links the merrier, we love to have them!

Good bye “Dialysis Online”… rest in peace… :roll:

Hello to “Home Dialysis”!!.. 8)

Dialysis Online was the very first internet forum I ever participated in, back when I new nothing about dialysis. One thing I liked about it is that people could post a question they had without having to actually join or subscribe to anything - drive-by questions, so to speak. Of course, all of us who operate internet or email-based support groups know that nowadays, it’s just not possible to do so without close and careful moderation.

Sorry to see it go, and even more so, sorry to see all the great information people posted on there just deleted. I always thought that despite the few cukoos who ruined it for everyone else, it still served a useful purpose as a good point of entry for new people. I’m sure that it introduced a lot of people to the existence of daily home hemo, both short and nocturnal. I did my part :slight_smile:

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Well if you really want to see some of the old Brumley posts you can look at a snapshot from about August of this year on the globaldialysis forums. Russ at globaldialysis mirrored dialysis online for a couple of weeks so if you check out the forum you’ll see all the familiar categories (plus a couple new ones).

For instance, if you look under “patients” you’ll see 25 pages of posts. All but the first page is archived Brumley posts. Go, reminisce and remember when we were young:

Maybe it is a good thing that the board is gone. The crule people on there were not good for the sick and needy people, and with poor monitering that was a bad trip. People always need help and it is nice to see that there are other places for them to go. My husband has been on hemodialysis for about 4 yrs and doing very well. Everyones body is different, so keep smiling, working on your challenges. some of us do care. We just came back from a dialysis cruse.

Hi Ruth,
We’re glad to have you on our message board. In research the keys to what has helped patients live a 15 years or longer on dialysis include:
– Stay as positive in your attitude as possible
– Seek answers to your questions
– Participate actively in your care

It’s great that you and your husband took a dialysis cruise. Bill Peckham who posts to our message board has traveled to several countries while on dialysis. It would be great if more patients would follow their dreams and do things that get them away from the daily routine. It sounds like you and your husband are living life to the fullest. Congratulations!